Personalized laser engraving

Laser engraving: stylish, exclusive, high-quality! 

In the past, love-struck individuals scratched their names onto trees with a folded knife to immortalize their love: Sasha + Masha = ♥. Over time, trees grew taller, love floated in the clouds, and the inscriptions disappeared from view, but they continued to be remembered. 

However, today there is a no less romantic, beautiful, and non-damaging way to immortalize your feelings - laser engraving on wooden products. 

What is laser engraving?

Engraving on wood is a laser treatment that can transfer any text, image, or pattern onto wood. Laser engraving is a delicate process performed by professional engravers. It is similar to the childhood game of burning wood, but differs in the high quality of the applied text and the expanded ability to work with fine and intricate elements. In addition, this modern method of applying text and patterns to wood is performed on expensive, professional equipment by high-level specialists! 

On which products is laser engraving possible?

Our Skinwood workshop offers you a wide range of products that not only stand out for their functionality, natural materials, and exclusivity but also become an original personalized gift with the help of our laser engraving service. 

We can apply any text: wishes, names, dates, company logos, as well as images, portraits, or patterns to products such as: 


- Wooden watches
- Recipe box
- Recipe Book
- Wooden Photo Album
- USB Flash Drive
- Wireless Charger
- Wood Picture Frame

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Laser engraving is the best decoration for a gift!

Engraving is like a gift box with a pretty ribbon and a fancy bow, only eternal! The bright packaging and colorful paper will be thrown away, but a thing with an exclusive inscription, on the contrary, will be kept for many years and proudly displayed to everyone! 

An original gift for a photographer or videographer is a personalized box for photos and a USB flash drive. 

A touching gift for a wedding or a five-year wedding anniversary (the Wooden Wedding) would be matching watches with the names of the couple and their special date engraved on them. There are countless variations for engraving! We are ready to bring any of your ideas to life or hold a brainstorming session and offer you original and unconventional engraving options on our products for your special occasion. Stand out, experiment, and preserve bright and important moments in the memory of your friends and family!