AirPods Cases

AirPods Cases

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      AirPods wireless headphone cases are made of different wood species.

      Each case is made of natural wood and polished by hand to give it the luster of natural wood. Natural origin gives each cover a unique texture and structure.

      Laser engraving on the cover for AirPods
      Engraving in the form of a unique inscription or drawing can perform a very important function - the gadget will be more interesting in terms of design - will emphasize the individuality of the owner.

      They have a modern design and a convenient design that allows you to connect the charging cable without removing the case from the case. Also, despite the fact that the case is made of wood, it does not interfere with the rapid wireless charging of the case.

      The accessory contains a convenient carabiner that allows you to attach the case to your belt or pocket.

      The case protects the gadget from dirt, water, when falling from a height.

      Wooden cases for AirPods reliably protect your headphones from external visual damage: abrasions, chips, scratches and dirt. In everyday use of AirPods, the case is really necessary: ​​even an accidental fall can disable the device or damage its fragile plastic body.

      There are many options for engraving, for example:
      The name of the owner or his beautifully decorated initials
      Company logo or name (for corporate clients)
      Various drawings that decorate the case and delight the owner
      Various inscriptions (wishes, poems, famous aphorisms, etc.).

      You can just tell us the idea that you want to put on the cover. And we will design the design itself as such an engraving will look on the cover and offer a layout before putting it to work.