About Us

 TM SkinWood – wooden items and not only!

The idea to create the brand SkinWood is related to gifts made from wood – which one won’t be ashamed to bring to any event or even want to keep them.
At our store, you can select an extraordinary and useful thing for your relatives, friends, peers – for a certain occasion and for no reason at all – this is so pleasant! It can be a birthday, anniversary and what not! What is more, there is an event when one just can’t do without wood gifts – it is the wooden anniversary, 5 years of marriage life.

Everyone wants to have something beautiful and special. But our workshop does not only produce handmade wooden items.
We do like nice wood figurines and souvenirs on the shelves. But our vision what our goods are made for is a bit different.

Our mission is to create useful things which we need in everyday life. This is perhaps, the most pleasant both for a person giving a gift and for the one receiving it:

• With a wooden watch, the long-awaited meeting time will come sooner;
• A gift with the company’s logo at the corporative party would inspire employees to work in a more responsible way because the boss remembers about them;
• Engraving with warm words and wishes from dear people gives a wonderful reason to smile even when things don’t go smooth.

People prefer wooden items because such things are ecological, sturdy, beautiful, render special energy and look attractive; they are exclusive and are made with handmade quality.
On top of that, SkinWood products are selected for their functionality and custom approach.

But that’s not all! We are planning to extend the array of goods both from wood and other natural materials. Don’t miss out our new items as well – this is always the most interesting!