Wooden Notebook


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      Wooden notebooks with individual engraving.

      Undoubtedly, handmade wood albums and notebooks are the best gift for a loved one, relatives, friends and colleagues. You create your own gift: choose a picture, paper, cover color. We only put your unique idea into practice.

      This original notebook is very convenient and comfortable for notes, sketches and to-do lists.

      A little creativity and a simple notebook can turn into a wedding photo album, sketchbook for drawing, recipes or a personal diary for unusual stories. We are the manufacturers of this product and therefore we can make absolutely any format of this accessory for you without any problems.

      You can choose one of three notebook colors: natural (light wood), walnut (brown wood), Black (ebony).

      You can also choose the A5 or A4 notebook format.

      Choose the color of the cover and the type of indoor unit and keep your thoughts and to-do lists in the original notebook with a wooden cover.

      By default, we put in a notebook 60 sheets with a density of 120 g / m2. But we can change the number of letters at your request