Watch boxes

Watch boxes


      We present to you a series of watch strap organizer boxes. These organizers are crafted with high-quality woodworking skills, using only natural materials such as wood, glass, and oils, complemented with quality metal hardware.

      Our watch organizer is a valuable and worthwhile gift for anyone who values comfort and order in their personal space. Each set comes with a corresponding number of soft black fabric cushions, making the process of placing watches back into the organizer extremely pleasant.

      The compartment size is 60x80x65 mm, more than sufficient even for bulky watches. Standard configurations are available for 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 items. In our assortment, you can choose between a version with a glass or wooden lid (according to your preference). Additionally, we offer a version of this product with an extra drawer at the bottom.

      The size of the watch organizer depends on the number of compartments: 4 - 180x141x82 mm; 6 - 208x180x82 mm; 8 - 275x180x82 mm; 10 - 342x180x82 mm; 12 - 409x180x82 mm. The product is sold in a neat cardboard box suitable for recycling.

      Upon the customer's request, we can engrave your initials, favorite quote, or company logo anywhere on our product (both on wood and glass) or even customize its design according to your preferences. Furthermore, we will wrap your order in gift packaging or include a card with your message if you ask us to.

      Please note that the color of your product may slightly vary from the image, as each item possesses unique and distinctive features of the wood.