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Wooden Wireless Chargers

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      Wireless charging for the phone from a tree from the SkinWood workshop.

      Say goodbye to tangled wires and say hello to this wireless charger, personalized with laser engraving to add a special touch.

      Wireless charging for your phone made of wood is a modern way to quickly and comfortably charge your smartphone and other devices. You don't even have to spend time connecting the cable - you just need to put the gadget on the panel.

      SkinWood wireless chargers will quickly charge your smartphone, as they have support for fast charging.

      Thanks to the elegant and concise design, charging will look good both at home and in the office. The surface of the device is made of different types of wood, the sides of the body are made of aviation aluminum. The underside of the charger is covered with an anti-slip rubber layer for easy charging location on any surface.

      On all our wireless chargers we can apply laser engraving of any complexity.
      Decorating with engraving turns an ordinary accessory into a very interesting, elegant and unforgettable gift.

      Name, Human Initials, text (motivational expression, greetings), any small drawing or logo can be applied to the wireless charging from a tree.

      In any case, we guarantee a high degree of detail of the image, the stability of the relief image, presentable and solid appearance.